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Interesting Recent Projects

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

No wonder this young Magnolia granidflora was struggling. Tree roots need oxygen. If you bury a tree too deeply, it will suffocate. Luckily these tree owners called us so we could send out a certified arborist before it was too late. You can clearly see where the trunk is still stained after we dug away 6" of excess soil.

This large pine tree (Pinus taeda) is dead and hazardous. Dead trees can fracture or fall at any time, even in mild conditions, causing catastrophic damage to people and property without warning. It was on the far back corner of one property, but loomed dangerously over the neighbor's house. Our certified arborist did full risk assessment, and submitted our findings in a written report. This tree had to be cut down before it fell over.

This maple had a slime flux bacteria infection. Foamy sap which smelled like sour fermentation was dripping everywhere, attracting a large swarm of flies, bees, wasps, butterflies, and birds. Joshua has a pesticide applicator's license, and after a consultation he treated the tree with a bactericide.

Cabling and Bracing a split tree requires serious engineering. The work must be checked and adjusted periodically. Unfortunately, when we were asked to check the work of another company, we were disappointed to find the wrong style of cables had been used. We had to cut out every dynamic rope cable, and then we installed high-strength static steel cables to help this splitting live oak (Quercus virginiana) survive any future storms.

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